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    New LeaderSHIPP
    is needed
    in Washington.

    Brett Shipp

    is that

    New Leader.

    Brett Shipp has fought for the truth his entire career as the most decorated investigative TV journalist of his era.
    Now he wants to fight for you in Washington.

    About Brett

    For 27 years as an investigative reporter, I have worked with relentless energy and passion to make life better for everyday North Texans. Many times, this has meant giving a voice to those who struggle, those who lack resources or a voice. If you know me, you know I leave no stone unturned in the fight for justice and fairness. Over my career I have fought for public education, for injured workers, for the sick, for veterans, for the elderly, for the poor, for the disenfranchised, for public safety, and for the greater good. I want to continue this work in a bigger way by serving as your representative in Washington. America is at a political crossroads, and it’s time to stand up to radical extremism and failed ideology and look for real solutions for all of us.

    The Issues


    I am a strong supporter of public education because I see it as an investment in our present and future. We need good public schools to support a vibrant economy and growth for North Texas. Prospective businesses looking at us expect no less. Our children, regardless of means, deserve the opportunity to be educated so that they have the chance to thrive.


    All Americans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare. Pete Sessions embraces the Tea Party line that an unregulated marketplace can solve every problem, including the treatment of complex illnesses such as cancer, ALS and Alzheimer’s. This is pure, ideological folly.


    President Trump's racist assaults on immigrants play to the worst in human nature. Trump seeks to stir up fear, hatred and division. In fact, the real values of America are based on us being a melting pot, and the contributions of immigrants to the life of our nation are invaluable. I believe in a secure border and rational immigration policy, but not Trump's wall.


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