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    Gun Reform

    I support a nationwide ban on the sale of military style assault weapons such as the AR-15 in addition to the mandatory registration of those already in circulation. What’s more, I support a total prohibition of 30+ round magazines and a prohibition on the sale of military style body armor to civilians. I support universal background checks and the prohibition of gun sales to people under age 21. We must keep guns out of the hands of people with a history of domestic violence and violent felonies. Time after time, we’ve seen the utter carnage these weapons cause and Congress has done nothing to put a stop to it. Enough is enough.


    All Americans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare. Pete Sessions embraces the Tea Party line that an unregulated marketplace can solve every problem, including the treatment of complex illnesses such as cancer, ALS and Alzheimer’s. This is pure, ideological folly. The Affordable Care Act is helping Americans with a market-based, government subsidized solution. The ACA is not without blemish and needs work, but it was working until President Trump and Republicans like Pete Sessions began slashing funding needed to support the exchanges. In reality, the Republican Congress never seriously crafted a plan to replace the ACA. The GOP’s callous indifference to healthcare for all Americans is shameful and I will fight them on it.



    I am a strong supporter of public education because I see it as an investment in our present and future. We need good public schools to support a vibrant economy and growth for North Texas. Prospective businesses looking at us expect no less. Our children, regardless of means, deserve the opportunity to be educated so that they have the chance to thrive. Unfortunately, public education has been under attack in Texas for decades. Teachers are on the front lines of this battle, and I have championed their struggle. I have reported on what I call “Classroom Curriculum Churn” schemes that detract from real education and have turned public school classrooms into profit centers for private interests, paid by your tax dollars. As for higher education, student loan debt is nearing $2 trillion, while tuition increases continue unabated. The Republicans, including Trump and Sessions, have no plan to ease the burden on parents and students. How will we, as a nation, compete internationally with an entire generation of young people saddled with crippling debt before they even enter the workforce?

    The Environment

    Dateline Texas: “Wind power capacity has surpassed that of coal in Texas”. Fake news? No, bad news for President Trump and his protege Pete Sessions who together stubbornly worship fossil fuel production, abhor the Paris Climate Agreement and likely still believe the world is flat. Gentlemen, it is 2018 and the science is settled, CO2 generation causes global warming and the rejection of science is unique to a dwindling cluster of Republican politicians in America. I will vote to save the EPA from plunder, reduce carbon emissions and support reasonable regulation to protect our wildlife, fields, forests and streams.


    Immigration Reform

    President Trump’s racist assaults on immigrants play to the worst in human nature. Trump seeks to stir up fear, hatred and division. In fact, the real values of America are based on us being a melting pot, and the contributions of immigrants to the life of our nation are invaluable. I believe in a secure border and rational immigration policy, but not Trump’s wall. We must restore the Dream Act and a path to citizenship for the 800,000 children who took up residence in America and have earned the right to become productive members of our society. We must play a more active role in working with Mexico’s new incoming President to eradicate corruption and narco-terrorism. We must offer incentives to our Mexican neighbors to expand their economy and reduce the temptation to risk lives crossing the border for a chance to be safe and prosper.

    GOP Tax Reform

    Once I’m elected, I will vote to immediately repeal the rapacious assault on the middle class via the Trump Tax Cut for the Rich and Powerful. By all accounts, except for the pandering politicians who voted for it, the package of corporate payoffs is a recipe for disaster and immensely poor public policy that punishes the middle class. Pete Sessions’ support for this gratuitous gesture to the 1% is reason enough for him to be voted out of office. Join me in sending a message, take care of your constituents and not your contributors, or be gone.

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